Anomaly identification

Our proprietary technology identifies a wide range of anomalies, quantifies their power loss and locates poorly performing modules.

Scalable analysis

Our semi-autonomous drone inspection technology performs inspection of large-scale solar assets in an easy, fast and user-friendly manner.

Actionable insights

Our feature-rich, user-friendly dashboard provides actionable intelligence on your solar assets and their performance.

PV asset inspection scenarios

Suspected low performance PV system

PV system Site-acceptance-testing (SAT)

Quantify damage on PV system for Insurance claims

Quality due diligence for point of asset transactions

Our full site EL inspection solution is applicable for various milestones of a PV plant’s life.


Quantified Energy Labs (QE LABS) is a deep tech spinoff company from the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore/National University of Singapore. We are a team of professionals with expertise in the fields of solar energy, computer vision and drone technology.